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Second single by zeelad

nobody knows tomorrow by Zeelad | N K T | Download MP3, Lyrics & Video 

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  nobody knows tomorrow  

Song by Zeelad   


- N K T - You can listen to "nobody knows tomorrow ", a song by "Zeelad " here. 


Music listed in Afro Hip Hop category. Posted 6 months ago by Zeelad 

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nobody knows tomorrow - Lyrics 

I be Dey beg them sey make them show me the way
They tell me no way they say make I Dey my dey (say make I Dey my dey)

So I Dey tell them sey I go find my way
And e go shock you sey I no go follow your way(I swear I no go follow your way)

Bless me (3x) everyday
Shine your light on me make me no go go astray
Even if I don to you forgive me anyway
Give me kind of money wey go fit to take my pain away yyy

They be Dey wait make I fall
God don shame then I still Dey stand up tall
Most this ni**ga they no want make I ball
Oluwa Dey my back aje seh mio fohr

Nobody (4x) nobody know tomorrow (2x)

nobody knows tomorrow by Zeelad music video



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