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Shekinah Glory

Shekinah Glory by Dorcas | Shekinah Glory | Download MP3, Lyrics & Video

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Shekinah Glory

Song by Dorcas

Shekinah Glory: The radiance, glory or presence of God dwelling in the midst of his people. - Shekinah Glory - You can listen to "Shekinah Glory ", a song by "Dorcas" here.

Music listed in Christian Songs category. Posted 1 yr ago by Docky2

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Shekinah Glory - Lyrics

We need your rain
We need your touch
Fill us Lord with your spirit once again (2ce)
Shekinah Glory (3ce)
We wait on you.

Verse 1
Oh lord we need you once again
Oh lord we need your touch again
We want you Lord more and more
Fill our hearts with you again
We need you Lord more and more
Come like rain once again

Chorus again

Verse 2
Oh lord am hungry for you
Come fill this hunger in my heart
Oh lord am thirsty for you
Come quench this thirst in my heart
We need you Lord more and more
Fill our hearts with you again.

Chorus again

We need You Lord
We need you Lord
We need you Lord

Shekinah Glory(3ce)
We wait on you

Shekinah Glory by Dorcas music video

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  • ShekinahGlory
    1 yr ago
    Shekinah Glory, we wait on you. My generation thirst for You
    • Seun Ayo Ojo
      1 yr ago
      • Fumi
        1 yr ago
        • Omob
          1 yr ago
          Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!
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